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Life Cycle Cost Analysis Example 01

Net Present Value Cost Calculation View


This tool generates a variety of basic net present value statistics for DevTreks components and operations.

Calculation View Description

Version: 1.7.0

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Method 1. Do you wish to save step 2's calculations? These calculations are viewed by opening this particular calculator addin.

Instructions (beta)

Step 1

  • Step 1. The accompanying tutorial contains a reference that explains these analyzers.
  • Step 1. Base Calculations To Analyze: Make sure that the data being analyzed corresponds to outputs.
  • Step 1. Analysis Type:The Analysis Type that is saved should match the name of this analyzer.

Step 2

  • Step 2. Use Same Calculator Pack In Descendants?: True to insert or update this same calculator in children.
  • Step 2. What If Tag Name: Instructional videos explaining the use of what-if scenario calculations should be viewed before changing or using this parameter.
  • Step 2. Base Resource Calculations To Analyze Type: The calculator chosen should actually be used, and used fairly frequently, in the underlying data being analyzed.
  • Step 2. Related Calculators Type: Name of the "Related Calculator Type" found in descendants. Runs calculations using the data found in those descendant linked views. This property takes precedence over the "Base Resoure Calculations to Analyze Type" property.

Step 3

  • Step 3. Save Using: The Save command saves xml data the Save Text command saves csv data.

Reminder: The 'Resource Stock Totals' analyzer requires running the underlying NPV calculator after inserting, deleting, or updating, this linked view (that keeps the NPV calculator's linked views synchronized with these linkedviews).

Current view of document
Life Cycle Cost Analysis Example 01
Component Group : Life Cycle Cost Analysis Example 01 ; A10
Component AllAlt. 0Alt. 1Alt. 2
Name 2007 Example 01 Slab on Grade2008 Example 01 Slab on Grade2009 Example 01 Slab on Grade
Date 12/31/200712/31/200812/31/2009
Label A10301AA10301AA10301A
Observations 222
Alternative AAA
OC Total
OC AmountChange
OC PercentChange
OC BaseChange
OC BasePercentChange
AOH Total
AOH AmountChange
AOH PercentChange
AOH BaseChange
AOH BasePercentChange
CAP Total 95,971.0666,336.6023,931.02
CAP AmountChange 0.000.00-42,405.58
CAP PercentChange 0.000.00-63.92
CAP BaseChange 0.00-29,634.46-72,040.04
CAP BasePercentChange 0.00-30.88-75.06
Total Total 95,971.0666,336.6023,931.02
Total AmountChange 0.000.00-42,405.58
Total PercentChange 0.000.00-63.92
Total BaseChange 0.00-29,634.46-72,040.04
Total BasePercentChange 0.00-30.88-75.06
Incent Total 95,971.0666,336.6023,931.02
Incent AmountChange 0.000.00-42,405.58
Incent PercentChange 0.000.00-63.92
Incent BaseChange 0.00-29,634.46-72,040.04
Incent BasePercentChange 0.00-30.88-75.06
Dataset: Life Cycle Cost Analysis Example 01 IRI This building construction cost estimate is computed using life cycle cycle totals, statistics, incremental change, and progress component analyzers.

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