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Life Cycle Capital Budget Tutorials
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Cover Sheet Example, Project Information: Background Supporting Material

Existing parking lot will be upgraded, re-configured within existing disturbed area, for 40 car spaces, 5 ADA Spaces, 2 van spaces, 10 RV pull through spaces, and paved. Existing pit toilets will be removed and replaced with a wet comfort station including septic system with in tank bio reactor treatment, and liquid disposal field; NEW WATER WELL NOW REQUIRED. The existing picnic area will be rehabilitated and modified to meet ABBAS accessibility standards. Trail connections will be formalized and upgraded; portions will be made accessible to facilitate access to Bruin Meadows overlook. Existing uncontrolled social trails will be restored to natural and a channelizing seat-resistant wood rail fence added to direct movement from parking area to trail connection. The septic system incorporates a new technology in-tank sanitary treatment process that will be pre ordered and supplied by NPS as GFP. Puchase cost of tank and treatment materials is included in direct cost estimate.

Cost Summary

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  1. Park-: Bear Arbor NRA
  2. Park Apha-: BEAR
  4. Estimate Date-: 1/12/2011
  5. Prepared By-: YtB
  6. Company-: NPS Bear Arbor NRA
  7. Address-: 123 Bruin Meadows Rd.
  8. City, State Zip-: Grizzley Hollow, CA 96023
  9. Phone-: (555) 123-4567

Comfort Station unit costs are based a combination of sources that include actual material take-offs and vendor quotes, review of actual final costs and project labor records for a similar facility constructed in 2009 at neighboring Ursa Hollow park. Parking lot costs are based on actual contract prices from Spring 2010 FHWA road project on Bruin Meadows Road adjacent to the site adjusted to remove previous OP. Purchase price for the prefabricated Septic-King™ is an actual vendor quote FOB park warehouse. Supplimental cost were obtained from RS Means, Facilites Cost Data (FCCD), 25th Annusal Edition. WHENEVER RSMEANS BARE UNIT COSTS WERE USED FROM THE FCCD DATA, 10% WAS ADDED TO MATERIALS EQUIPMENT AND 60% TO LABOR TO ACCOUNT FOR INSTALLER (SUB) OP


    Estimate assumes that all improvements will be constructed as a singe project during one construction season. East half of existing dirt parking area and trailhead will remain in operation until new paved lot and walk connections are completed. 2nd half of existing lot will be available for contractor laydown/equipment area, but contractor's labor force must park at maintenance yard 5 miles away and be shuttled into site. Shuttle costs and additional portable toilet cost impacts are included in Government Special Conditions. Septic-King™ system will be preordered by the Park to avoid long lead time from impacting installation schedule.


      Parking lot configuration changed slightly to accommodate RV pull through spaces. Existing dirt parking area will be gravel surfaced for use as overflow parking and equestrian staging area. Photo-voltaic system has been deleted for budgetary purposes, viewshed impacts, concerns over viewshed impacts and negative results of net life-cycle payback analysis. Water is not available in road; well added to service wet comfort station - assumes 1200 VLF depth.

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