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2014 Orange, Conventional LCA

Resource Stock Output Analyzer View

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This tool generates a variety of basic resource stock statistics for outputs.

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Version: 1.9.0

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Current view of document
2014 Orange, Conventional LCA
Output Group : LCA Organic Crops ; A100
Output AllAlt. 0
Name 2014 Orange, Conventional LCA
Label A1001C
Output Series AllAlt. 0Alt. 1Alt. 2
Name 2012 Orange, Conventional LCA2013 Orange, Conventional LCA2014 Orange, Conventional LCA
Label A1001CA1001CA1001C
Indicators AllAlt. 0Alt. 1Alt. 2
Alternative ABC
Date 07/16/201207/16/201307/16/2014
Score Observations
Score Amount 65.032766.035355.0302
Score Unit meanmeanmean
Score Amount Change 0.00000.0000-11.0051
Score Percent Change 0.00000.0000-16.6655
Score Base Change 0.00001.0026-10.0025
Score Base Percent Change 0.00001.5417-15.3807
Score Low Amount 64.926865.921354.9325
Score Low Unit lower 90% cilower 90% cilower 90% ci
Score Low Amount Change 0.00000.0000-10.9888
Score Low Percent Change 0.00000.0000-16.6696
Score Low Base Change 0.00000.9945-9.9943
Score Low Base Percent Change 0.00001.5317-15.3932
Score High Amount 65.138666.149355.1279
Score High Unit upper 90% ciupper 90% ciupper 90% ci
Score High Amount Change 0.00000.0000-11.0214
Score High Percent Change 0.00000.0000-16.6614
Score High Base Change 0.00001.0107-10.0107
Score High Base Percent Change 0.00001.5516-15.3683
Indicator Observations
Name NitrogenNitrogenNitrogen
Label NNN
Total 120.0755120.0755100.0755
Unit kg N / tonkg N / tonkg N / ton
Amount Change 0.00000.0000-20.0000
Percent Change 0.00000.0000-16.6562
Base Change 0.00000.0000-20.0000
Base Percent Change 0.00000.0000-16.6562
Indicator Observations
Name PhosphorousPhosphorousPhosphorous
Label PPP
Total 11.791812.448911.7685
Unit kg P / tonkg P / tonkg P / ton
Amount Change 0.00000.0000-0.6804
Percent Change 0.00000.0000-5.4655
Base Change 0.00000.6571-0.0233
Base Percent Change 0.00005.5725-0.1976
Dataset: 2014 Orange, Conventional LCA IRI This orange crop is grown using conventional practices.

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